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oxy_facewashOxy Daily Face Wash Review

Oxy Daily Face Wash is a fairly popular product. This daily face wash seems to be one of the better lower priced acne face washes. I would consider this product to be probably the best acne scrub that you can find under 10 dollars. More than half of the reviews I looked at were positive for this product. There were a number that said it stopped working after a few months, but many people said it has continued to work for them. Most people said they saw results in as little as a few days. This product contains a fairly good list of ingredients, especially for the price.

What’s in Oxy Daily Face Wash?

Oxy Daily Face Wash contains: Marine Plant Extract Phycosaccharide ACP, Zinc PCA Complex, Lactic Acid, Glycerin, Panthenol (Vitamin B5), Menthol and gentle exfoliating particles micro-pearls of silica and jojoba beads. Not a very long list of ingredients but some times that can be a good thing.

How Does Oxy Daily Face Wash Work?

Oxy Daily uses a few different ways to clear out your acne. First, Oxy daily regulates sebum production but does not completely stop it, which is a good thing. Oxy Daily also kills acne causing bacteria to help reduce acne breakouts. It also works by removing dead skin and unclogs pores. I like that this product does not use Salicylic Acid which seems to damage your skin more than helps it. This product still contains a few harsh chemicals but nothing compared to many of the lower end products. Oxy Daily also uses Vitamin B5 which has shown some positive research for reducing acne and healing the skin.

Customer Service

Fairly similar to most of the big name companies. Most people buy this product at the store and few people try and return this product. Did not see any reviews of people that dealt with customer service. You shouldn’t have much of a problem getting a hold of customer service for this product.


  • Mostly positive reviews
  • Low price
  • Fairly good ingredients
  • Well known company


  • Some harsh chemicals
  • May cause dryness


This product is fairly good for the price. If you are looking for a product that is under 10 dollars I would recommend this product. If you are willing to spend some more money than there are some better products out there. Most of the complaints from consumers were about dry skin. Some people said this product stopped working after awhile which is common for many products. This product may cause some damage to your skin but nothing compared to some of the other cheaper products.

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